Writing: An Introduction to My Hobby

Why I Like Writing and Why Writing is Important

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Writing has been my favorite hobby since I was very little. Each day, as my imagination would become active, I felt compelled to write down whatever idea that came to me. I have always realized the improtance of writing, and all my writings have been the product of how I am feeling. It is the perfect way to express my voice. During my high school career, my love for writing was further encouraged when I worked for a magazine to publish sports articles. This made me realize how much I wanted to pursue writing, and, because of it, I am now an English Writing & Rhetoric Major.
Writing is important because it allows the human to outwardly portray one's voice. Often times, one cannot verbally express what is pressing one's mind or how something is affecting that one. With writing, one can move mountains; one is able to evoke emotions that have never been accessed before. It is also used in every single profession. If one is able to write effectively in any occupation, that he is one step ahead of the game. This is why writing is important.

Just a Few Genres That You Can Write

  • Fantasy
  • Thriller
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Non-Fiction
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    How to Write

  • You need to have a reason
  • You need the materials
  • You need to organize
  • Then you can write!
  • Know How to Write

    What I Have Written

    I have written many different types of works, but my favorite one that I have written is a mystery novel (which I am trying to get published). I have also written many different types of essays, speculating on normalcies in society. In addition, I have written a novelette and short story as well. All of these independent works are my pride and joy; each one of these have been written through inspiration and feeling. I hope that someday everyone will be able to read these stories and I hope that they can evoke the same emotion that it does for me.